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Why us?
We are an active, licensed agency
and analysts
on our staff
we will honestly tell you about the nuances of each
objects in the portfolio
Discounts. Due to volume, we have discounts from builders that we generously share with you.
Cosy office in the centre of Antalya, Liman
We check builders and only work with those in whom we are confident
You can buy your new flat directly from a property developer, black estate agents or professionals, but by contacting us, you get
Our experience will help you make the right choice
You will end up buying something you are 100% sure of at the best price
The lowest price guarantee, as we sell in bulk and have substantial discounts
We will tell you about each builder. The builder themselves will not reveal their shortcomings to you
We can help with registration, money transfers, obtaining citizenship
There are more than 300 construction companies in the Antalya and Alanya market, but we only work with 10 verified
Rules for choosing a reliable construction company from us:
  • Company history of 10 years
  • Past projects completed on time
  • Legal clarity of partner
  • Building permit
  • Interesting project in terms of investment, which guarantees a good return
  • Sales office at the building site
  • Availability of instalments and credit for the buyer
  • No encumbrances on the project, no courts
Useful information from us:
How to work with us:
If you decide to rent and receive a passive income, our company will manage your property
We do the deal, we help with the payment, the paperwork
We make a virtual or in-office presentation of the project, showing the pros and cons
If you sell your flat after construction is complete, our team will take care of it
Selecting and booking a particular flat
Call or send a message with the name of the property via our form
After construction, our designer is ready to help with furnishing and decorating
Once you have chosen a property, we are ready to arrange a tour of the site and the developer's office for you
Study our catalogue, prepare questions
We will tell you about prices, the purchase procedure, and the latest information on obtaining a residence permit and citizenship when buying a new flat.
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Address: Antalya, Liman,
Zirve Grup office building, 5th floor
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Address: Antalya, Liman, Zirve Grup office building, 5th floor
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